BOTOX is used in the face to relax certain facial muscles which can reduce lines and produce a younger, more lifted and more relaxed appearance.  When specific targeted muscles are weakened, opposing muscles become strengthened causing the area to lift. 



    Finding the right BOTOX injector who understands the art and science of this process is a challenge.  Dr. Eviatar, top NYC BOTOX injector, has an intrinsic knowledge of the facial muscles and anatomy as well as an aesthetic eye for facial reshaping.  He customizes BOTOX treatments to address various cosmetic concerns such as minimizing lines, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, non-surgical eye brow lifts, eliminating crow’s feet, reducing lines around the eyes, eliminating frown lines, smoothing forehead lines, treating bunny lines, eliminating lip lines, and reshaping sagging areas of the face to look more refreshed. 

    With BOTOX, there are no risks of surgery and no downtime.

    Because we know everyone has a budget, we are offering $100 off your first BOTOX treatment from top NYC injector, Dr. Eviatar!  Schedule your free evaluation with our cosmetic coordinators to find out if BOTOX Cosmetic is right for you and learn how Dr. Eviatar (TOP BOTOX NYC injector) can address your cosmetic concerns and/or if there are other products or services that might better suit your needs.

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    Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS, board certified eyelid and facial plastic surgeon and Surgical Director of Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery Associates (www.ChelseaEye-Cosmetic.com) is a top doctor for BOTOX Cosmetic and has used the product off-label for treatment of many different cosmetic concerns for over 18 years. A true expert can often save the patient money by being able to precisely target the muscles that need to be relaxed while using less of the product.  In addition, combining BOTOX Cosmetic with a filler or laser can, in certain patients, significantly enhance the longevity of the results so it is essential to go to an aesthetic physician who offers the full array of cosmetic options. 

    Dr. Eviatar is often featured in the press, has traveled extensively over the last several years to lecture on the uses of BOTOX Cosmetic, and trains physicians on injection techniques.  But, the one thing he can’t teach is the art of rejuvenation.  He is a specialist concerned with the overall aesthetic look of each face and customizes BOTOX Cosmetic treatments to address the cosmetic needs of each individual patient.  He works to provide a naturally smooth and more youthful appearance while maintaining the patient’s ability to express emotions with their face.  He also specializes in other treatments that are minimally invasive with little or no downtime.  He works with each patient to find the best treatment that will give them the most natural and youthful result at the lowest price.  

    There is a difference between having an expert perform facial rejuvenation and just having a BOTOX treatment.  If you’ve had BOTOX before, you deserve to see how this tool, in the hands of a real expert, can be used to address your cosmetic concerns. 

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    Can you inject BOTOX and filler at the same time in the same place at the same sitting?

    You can inject BOTOX and filler at the same time in the same place because they are usually injected into different planes of the tissue.  So even though they are injected into the same areas of your face at the same time, one is injected into the muscle and one may be injected either under the skin or in the skin.  It is definitely safe to have dermal fillers and BOTOX at the same time and often can be helpful to do so.  For example, I sometimes use less BOTOX in the crow’s feet area if using fillers around the eyes. 

    How much does BOTOX cost?

    BOTOX is usually priced between $12 to $18 per unit, and each injection site usually requires 3 to 5 units.  The amount of product required to correct whatever wrinkles you have will determine the final cost.   Extensive experience with BOTOX Cosmetic enables me to know exactly how many units to inject at each site.

    Does Botox move around?

    It depends on the concentration of the solution.  If it is a heavily concentrated solution of BOTOX, it doesn’t move at all.

    Is BOTOX reversible?

    It is not possible to remove BOTOX.  However, sometimes a touch up can be done to strengthen or weaken certain muscles which can soften the effect of BOTOX in unwanted areas.   We encourage our patients to communicate with us if they have any issues because results can always be tweaked.  This is why it is so vital to go to an experienced and well-trained physician for BOTOX.  

    How do I avoid getting that frozen look after BOTOX?

    You should always go to a BOTOX doctor who is proficient in the anatomy of the face and how the product affects the muscles to avoid the “frozen” look and get a more natural looking BOTOX result.  We offer complimentary touch ups the first month, so you can always start out with just a little product and add more if needed.  Often the “frozen” look simply comes from too much product injected at once.  And, if your doctor knows just the right muscles to inject, your results are always going to be more natural.  Our goal is to look at your entire face aesthetically and to balance the treatment to preserve the natural structure of your face.  We want you to look fresher, well rested, and naturally more youthful.
    Therefore, if the patient wants to be able to express themselves while having BOTOX, you can simply inject less product into the area which will give the patient mobility while still decreasing the use of the muscle to eliminate the appearance of deep wrinkles.

    Why is it important to go to a BOTOX specialist when there are so many doctors injecting BOTOX?

    It is very important to find an experienced BOTOX injector with a good reputation who is an expert in facial anatomy and has an aesthetic background.  This is because the amount used and precisely where it is injected is crucial to receiving the results you desire.  For example, if you want to treat the lines around your eyes that give you that tired look, it is always better to go to an oculofacial plastic surgeon who specializes in injectables because he or she understands the delicate structures in the eye area as well as the rest of the face.
    You should do your research and choose a physician who is extremely experienced with all injectables.  At your initial visit he or she should look at your specific needs when evaluating your entire face.  BOTOX should not just be injected into specific wrinkles.  It should be used as a tool to give the patient an overall more youthful look.  It’s all about balancing the face, finding ways to lift certain areas, smooth others, and give the patient the most natural looking correction.

    Will it cause wrinkles in other areas?

    Because other muscles compensate when certain muscles are weakened with BOTOX, it can cause other wrinkles to occur.  But, if those muscles are addressed in your treatment, it will slow down the aging process by minimizing muscle contractions in certain areas. This is why it is so important for BOTOX Cosmetic to be injected by a specialist.

    What can I expect when having BOTOX Cosmetic?

    We like to use the very smallest needle which is a 32 gauge needle so you barely feel it and we use a high concentration of BOTOX so we’re not putting a lot of fluid in which allows people to return to their normal activities right away.

    For a comprehensive list of side effects, go to www.BOTOX.com.








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